Colourback Glass

Fancy colour matching tabletops to kitchen colour schemes or perhaps replacing marble with something a little different? Colour Back Glass, supplied by Innovation on Glass, is finding itself a home in increasingly varied applications to add a touch of luxury to practical working areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and commercial applications. However, with a little imagination, the Colour Back Glass is equally at home in retail environments, general living areas and the like as a feature of the space.

Using the exclusive GCP paint system, formulated and tested by Riverside Glass for wet and dry adhesion, permeability, heat, boiling water and humidity resistance, performance of Colour Back Glass applied by a etwork of licensed applicators is guaranteed for 10 years. The system replaces more traditional and expensive methods of colouring glass and incorporates the spray application of a specially formulated paint system onto glass to impart a permanent colour finish. The glass acts as a looking glass into the colour beneath and as a protector against normal wear and tear.

Popular in wet areas, such as bathroom linings and shower corners in place of tiling, stainless steel or marble and as splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms, Colour Back Glass is being transformed into wall panels and dividers in commercial environments, text walls in place of traditional signage and as a decorative element both inside and out. A myriad of frosted glass options extend the selection even further.