Semi Frameless Shower Screens

If you prefer a shower with a defined look but still want the clean sophisticated lines of frameless glass then the semi-frameless is the natural choice.

Ideal for medium sized bathrooms, the Scopedor frame provides colour as well as the practicality of a watertight seal.

The Scopedor’s adjustable-width opening means that even the most out-of plumb walls can be effectively compensated for fitting comfortably into your bathroom’s specifications.

The Scopedor can be floor mounted with a bottom rail or custom-made without, making it suitable for level entry disabled access. The only fittings on the frameless door panel are small elegant Tee handles and a pair of pivots making it very easy to clean.

The Scopedor is available in standard sizes each expanding up to 70mm and is fully reversible for either right or left-hand opening. Choose from our range of standard sizes or have one custom made to suit your bathroom.